Badr Hari Accepts Suspension for Use of “Prohibited Substances”

Badr Hari Accepts Suspension for Use of “Prohibited Substances” as reported BY NOS earlier today, following on from previous reports that GLORY Kickboxing wanted to, or, were trying to terminate the doping authority’s contract in the Netherlands; after it emerged other fighters including, Malden Brestovic and Hesdy Gerges were reported to have failed doping tests for performance enhancing drugs (PEDs).

However, this isn’t simply a heavyweight kickboxing problem, is it?

Recent doping cases in MMA with UFC champions, TJ Dillashaw and Jon Jones; as well as most recently with pro heavyweight boxer and former GLORY kickboxer, Jarrell Millar who, was set to fight Anthony Joshua in six weeks, has also failed well publicised doping tests.

What do you all make of this and do you agree or disagree with K1ANOOP?

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Photo credit: James Law/Glory Sports International


Mike Passenier: “K-1 F****d It Up! GLORY Are Still In The Game Luckily” & Semmy Schilt’s Legacy

Mike Passenier gives his brutally honest opinion on: how “K-1 f*****d it up”, resulting in almost the end of Kickboxing as a professional sport; How GLORY Kickboxing “are still in the game luckily”, despite the mistakes made the promotion; Semmy Schilt’s legacy; And, how Kickboxing, just like any other sports, really “needs heroes” to help grow the sport stronger.

As well as highlighting Semmy Schilt’s legacy in martial arts and combat sports and why Schilt was undoubtedly one of the greatest martial artists and K-1 Kickboxing world champions of all time and much more. The full interview (link below) was recorded when Mike Passenier first met Anoop Hothi in the early days of the K1ANOOP YouTube channel; leading to rumours growing much stronger about Badr Hari’s comeback against Rico Verhoeven at GLORY: Collision.

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Badr Hari “can’t keep up” anymore? Rico Verhoeven vs. Mladen Brestovac “shit” rematch?

After a successful return at GLORY 51, did Badr Hari look like he “can’t keep up anymore” especially with Rico Verhoeven? As for the champion’s next fight, is the Rico Verhoeven vs Mladen Brestovac rematch “shit” as the main event for GLORY 54 Birmingham?

K-1 veteran and Kickboxing Grand Prix (KGP) European champion, Luke Whelan and K1ANOOP discuss this and much more:

Luke Whelan and K1ANOOP – Shownotes:

  • GLORY 54 Birmingham, Enfusion Newcastle, WFL England
  • Chrisiti Bereton vs Nicola Kaye and the GLORY 54 prelim UK card
  • Luke Whelan on Sam Omomogbe and Brad Stanton pulling-out against him at GLORY 54
  • Taking K-1 World Grand Prix and big fights with one week’s notice
  • Why Michael Wakeling is the best, pound-for-pound, British Kickboxing & Muay Thai fighter
  • Luke Whelan vs Vinny Church at MTGP 16?
  •  Vinny Church vs Ben Woolliss, GLORY 54
  • Luke Whelan’s analysis of Vinny Church
  • Jamie Whelan and GLORY’s 6-man UK shortlist
  • Why GLORY need to add more of the lower weight-classes
  • Why Rico Verhoeven never left GLORY for the UFC
  • Mike’s Gym are the most impressive set of fighters in European Kickboxing?
  • Fernando Groenhart and his controversial hard sparring viral videos
  • Rico Verhoeven vs Mladen Brestovac rematch “is a load of shit”, GLORY 54 
  • Why Badr Hari “can’t keep up” with heavyweight rivals nowadays

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“The Immortal” Regian Eersel: Straight Outta Bijlmer

“The Immortal” Regian Eersel is a 24 year old Dutch kickboxer & Muay Thai fighter, born in Suriname & is the current Lion Fight super-middleweight world champion. At the age of four, Eersel immigrated to Amsterdam’s most notorious “ghetto”, Bijlmer (home to former GLORY Kickboxing 95kg SLAM champion, Tyrone Spong), a suburb once described as being: a “national disaster area” by Dutch police.

Eersel who, fights out of, Sityodtong Gym, travels down memory lane, recounting his journey from childhood to adulthood as he tours through the streets of Bijlmer with, K1ANOOP. Eersel opens-up on how he was forged into becoming a Dutch kickboxing prodigy & one of the most feared fighters since the emergence of Badr Hari – with whom comparisons are easily made from Regian’s explosive and ferocious style of technical violence.

Regian Ersel made his One Championship debut on April 20, 2018 with an unanimous decision victory against New Zealand’s Brad Riddell, having agreed a multiple fight deal (kickboxing and potentially MMA) with the Southeast Asian promotion which, is owned by renown entrepreneur,  Chatri Sityodtong.

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Badr Hari on defeating Hesdy Gerges at GLORY 51: “I don’t lose rematches.”

A much anticipated rematch, almost eight years in the making, was finally settled by Badr Hari who, secured an unanimous decision victory over, Hesdy Gerges last night at the Ahoy Rotterdam. The result was a reasonably good return after 15 months of inactivity and reinforced Badr’s post-fight comment of, “I don’t lose rematches”, after winning the GLORY 51 headliner.

Speaking to GLORY commentator, Todd Grisham afterwards, Hari opened-up about about: his successful return to kickboxing; what it means to be part of GLORY moving forward in his career; his own post-fight analysis; and that potential rematch with Rico Verhoeven was discussed too.


Badr attacks Hesdy’s body | Photo credit: James Law/Glory Sports International

“This is a fight we’ve been waiting for a long time. I was burned like a lot of people know. Like, I don’t lose rematches my friend. I’m 9-1 in all the fighters I fight for the second time. If you give me a second chance I beat you up.”

“But let me say, Hesdy did a good job. He’s one of the toughest fighters walking around in GLORY. He’s no easy guy. He had a big heart but tonight my heart was bigger.  So, you win some and you lose some but I respect him a lot and I’m happy.”

“We’ve been waiting for this fight for like eight years when we we’re youngsters and we came back. I came back in shape. He came back a little big heavy but he did a good job.”

“I wanna thank GLORY for giving me the opportunity to be back and to be part of a family and I think this is the best fighting sport in the world.”


Hari teeps Gerges to the body | Photo credit: James Law/Glory Sports International

“You know, I like boxing but I like GLORY more. I like MMA but I like GLORY more. I think we’re the number one fighting sport in the business. So, there’s another rematch coming up I think.”

“I don’t know a lot of fighters who knocked Hesdy out, there are a couple but he’s a very tough guy. But the main goal like I said, in the interviews, I wanna take off some ring rust. You know, I didn’t been in the ring for a couple of times. So, I needed these rounds – I wanna make three rounds – and this guy; I know he’s a good guy but before he really annoyed me. It was like I’ve got to make him quit and it would only make me hungry.”

“Mousidi, his trainer knows me very well. I’m a tough kid. I’m from the streets. I don’t take shit and I don’t take shit and I don’t give up. If I give up its because I cannot fight.”

“But today I gassed him out. He was tired, I saw it in him, he didn’t train hard enough for me.”


Badr counters Hesdy’s outside low kick | Photo credit: James Law/Glory Sports International

When asked about a certain promise he’d made to Rico Verhoeven of, rematching and knocking out the GLORY heavyweight champion, after his second round TKO (arm injury) defeat at GLORY Collision, Badr responded: “I don’t have to give him a message. The fight was a message.”

“You know, people always concerned about my condition and about my physique. I think today I showed everybody, nothing wrong with my condition. Nothing wrong with my physique; I took off my weight.”

Badr had surprised everyone at the weigh-ins (the day before), weighing-in at 101.8kg which, was approximately 13kg lighter compared to, his previous fight against Verhoeven in December 2016. This leaner, meaner looking version of Hari is reminiscent of his younger and more threatening self for his heavyweight rivals. Who or what’s next for Badr will be certainly be interesting to see, especially if its another grudge match with another adversary from the past.

Click here for the full results and roundup from all the action at GLORY 51 Rotterdam.

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GLORY 51 Rotterdam: Badr Hari vs. Hesdy Gerges post-fight results and roundup

Badr Hari returned to GLORY Kickboxing after 15 months of inactivity (and jail time) to defeat Hesdy Gerges via unanimous decision in the headline bout of GLORY 51 Rotterdam. The rematch had been 8 years in the making after Hari was disqualified for shin kicking Gerges in the head (whilst on the canvas) in their previous meeting at, It’s Showtime Amsterdam in May 2010.

A return to winning winning ways for a lean, mean Badr Hari

Georges would stay composed in the first round and Badr would be the more active striker but come the second round, Hesdy would do what he had promised leading up-to their “Bad Blood” rematch; and put the pressure on Hari. However, come the third and final round and with both men visibly tiring, Badr would have the better gas tank and convincingly took a gritty third round to secure the decision.

Badr Hari’s application of body hooks as part of his attacks to the body were noticeable throughout the fight and characteristic of his striking habits from years gone by.

“The Golden Boy” even utilised his trademark spinning heel kicks on a couple of occasions to try and catch out Gerges who, had been caught out from a head kick in his previous fight and KO loss to, Mladen Brestovac at GLORY 45 Amsterdam – the Dutch capital being marked by GLORY‘s now CDO and former CEO, John Franklin – as a target for Badr Hari to return to on a future GLORY event in 2018.

Nabiyev secures title shot by overcoming former champion Doumbe

Alim Nabiyev would put the pressure on Cedric Doumbe in the final round of their title eliminator, putting the former GLORY welterweight champion in visible trouble to secure a convincing decision. Doumbe suffered his second defeat in GLORY since losing (his first) to, Murthel Groenhart by decision at GLORY 44 Chicago.

Since then Groenhart lost the title on his first defence by a shocking first round TKO to new welterweight champion, Harut Grigorian at GLORY 50 Chicago in their trilogy. Nabiyev’s victory should set-up his opportunity to try and take the belt from Grigorian in the coming months with possible changes to the recently announced GLORY 53 Lille fight card which, Doumbe had been announced as headlining before tonight’s loss.

Danenberg and Glunder shine bright on the night at GLORY 51

Eyevan Danenberg continued to impress by winning the GLORY 51 Contender Tournament by seeing off Thongchai Sitsongpeenong (in the final) via unanimous decision after, a messy affair (in the semi-finals) against Jimmy Vienot via split decision. The tournament success follows on from Danenberg’s flawless win by decision over the resilient Jamie Bates at GLORY 49 SuperFight Series. On current form surely “Mister Cool” can expect to challenge for the welterweight title in the first half of 2018?

An exciting fight between Massaro Glunder and Victor Pinto would result in Glunder gifting his Dad, Rodney Glunder, with a nice (belated) birthday gift of an unanimous decision victory over, the younger of two Pinto brothers. Glunder bounces back from a controversial defeat to Dylan Salvador at GLORY 47 Lyon and looks certain to build on his current momentum within the lightweight division by ideally returning to action as swiftly as possible.

Full results from both the GLORY 51 Rotterdam and GLORY 51 SuperFight Series fight cards are below.

GLORY 51 Rotterdam – Results:

Badr Hari def. Hesdy Gerges via unanimous decision (UD), heavyweight bout.

Welterweight Tournament Final:

Eyevan Danenberg def. Thongchai Sitsongpeenong via UD.

Tomas Mozny def. Daniel Skvor via UD, heavyweight bout.

Welterweight Tournament Semi-Finals:

Eyevan Danenberg def. Jimmy Vienot via split decision.

Thongchai Sitsongpeenong def. Alan Scheinson via split decision.

GLORY 51 SuperFight Series – Results:

Alim Nabiyev def. Cédric Doumbé via split decision, welterweight bout.

Mohammed Jaraya def. Miles Simson via unanimous decision (UD), welterweight bout.

Tyjani Beztati def. Anil Cabri by Rd1 TKO, lightweight bout.

Massaro Glunder def. Victor Pinto via UD, featherweight bout.

Kevin van Heeckeren def. Bart van der Kroon by Rd1 KO, middleweight bout.

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Badr Hari vs. Hesdy Gerges rematch headlines GLORY 51 Rotterdam

Badr Hari vs. Hesdy Gerges will headline GLORY 51 Rotterdam as announced earlier this morning in a much anticipated rematch. The two heavyweight rivals had previously fought each other at It’s Showtime 2010 Amsterdam but Hari would be disqualified for shin-kicking Gerges in the head whilst he was on the canvas.

“The Golden Boy” and Gerges were once coached by legendary Dutch kickboxing coach, Thom Harinck at the Chakuriki Gym, only for Badr Hari and Harinck to have fallen-out very badly. Badr opened-up about this in the past when interviewed by Michael Schiavello and admitted that the bitter resentment he had towards his former trainer at the time, was what fuelled his disqualifying actions against Gerges when they previously clashed.

Nevertheless, the announcement this morning will undoubtedly have world kickboxing fans hyped-up following on from, a very successful year end event at Glory Redemption: Rico vs. Jamal which, was also at the Ahoy Rotterdam, where GLORY 51: Badr vs. Hesdy will also take place on March 3, 2018.

Gerges was very quick to call-out Badr for a rematch on social media after it had been announced at GLORY 49 SuperFight Series that Hari had signed a multiple-fight contract with GLORY; and despite coming off a very bad head kick KO to, Mladen Brestovac at GLORY 45 Amsterdam, fortunate would seem to favour Gerges than Brestovac, in returning to action in a very high profile fight against the biggest star in kickboxing.

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Mike Passenier on the return of Badr Hari, Glory Redemption & 2017 round-up

Mike Passenier opens-up on the return of the “Golden Boy” Badr Hari at GLORY 51 Rotterdam which, was announced at GLORY 49 and gives a round-up of: his breakthrough fighters in 2017 at Mike’s Gym; Glory Collision: Rico Verhoeven vs Jamal Ben Saddik; and a look ahead at, Collision 2: Badr vs Rico rematch in 2018 & much more.
0:22 Yousri Belgaroui vs. Alex Pereira, GLORY 49 rematch
1:07 Christian Baya vs. Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong
2:39 The rise of Stoyan Koprivlenski, GLORY 49 Contender Tournament winner
3:25 Ismael Londt’s defeat to D’Angelo Marshall
4:25 Why Nieky Holzken should not retire anytime soon
8:22 The return of Badr Hari in 2018
11:16 Badr Hari’s motivation now compared to the past
12:31 Glory Redemption: Rico Verhoeven vs. Jamal Ben Saddik analysis
14:30 Should Rico Verhoeven have got an 8-count from the referee?
18:05 Glory Collision: Rico vs. Badr technical analysis
20:46 Murthel Groenhart winning the GLORY welterweight title
21:19 2017 kickboxing round-up: Breakthrough of Christian Baya, Stoyan Koprivlenski, Anissa Haddaoui, Fabio Kwasi
23:33 2018 forecast for kickboxing, ‘Golden era’ & message to fans
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Murthel Groenhart on Harut Grigorian rematch: “Let’s kill him in the first round” & GLORY 49 recap

GLORY Kickboxing champion, Murthel Groenhart looks ahead at the rematch with Harut Grigorian at GLORY 50 Chicago, declaring: “Let’s kill him in the first round”; and, recaps GLORY 49 Rotterdam which, was topped-off by Glory Redemption: Rico vs. Jamal. As well as the return of his fellow Mike’s Gym team-mate, Badr Hari, come GLORY 51 Rotterdam & much more:

0:13 Another rematch with Harut Grigorian at GLORY 51
2:32 Cedric Doumbe beef, rivalry & mind-games
4:57 Fighting in the USA compared to Europe
6:31 Nieky Holzken‘s loss of form & defeat to Alim Nabiyev
9:08 How to deal with the potential threat of Alim Nabiyev
11:09 Murthel’s tips for fighters & believing in yourself
11:52 Younger brother, Fernando Groenhart‘s kickboxing return
12:48 Badr Hari’s return, Rico Verhoeven & Jamal Ben Saddik
15:33 Yousri Belgaroui‘s eye injury & loss to Alex Pereira
17:54 Ismael Londt‘s returning defeat to D’Angelo Marshall
18:29 Murthel’s worst injury & overcoming it mentally
20:08 Christian Baya vs. Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong
22:43 Stoyan Koprivlinski‘s winning the GLORY 49 Lightweight Contender Tournament
24:24 Forecast for 2018 & bad intentions for Harut Grigorian.

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Badr Hari set to fight in Amsterdam, shortlist of opponents & Rico vs. Badr 2 update

Badr Hari signed a multiple fight contract it was announced last night at Glory 49 SuperFight Series with GLORY Kickboxing dropping an epic video trailer to break the news prior-to, Glory: Redemption commencing at, the Ahoy Rotterdam. However, GLORY CEO, Jon Franklin confirmed to K1ANOOP that GLORY Kickboxing are confident of arranging for, Badr Hari to fight again in Amsterdam in 2018 (video below).

Glory: Redemption was headlined by a successful title defence for GLORY heavyweight champion, Rico Verhoeven with, an emphatic fifth round KO of, Jamal Ben Saddik in what was a much anticipated rematch from six years; Saddik had previously stopped Verhoeven six years ago. Rico would redeem himself in a thrilling year end event for the promotion which, was capped-off with the signing of kickboxing’s “Golden Boy”, Badr Hari.

The rematch between Rico Verhoeven and Badr Hari is still (and has been) a top priory for GLORY as Jon Franklin mentioned when speaking after Glory Redemption but where and when are some of the key questions:

“Do we take him back to Amsterdam for a major event with Rico? Does he fight somebody first? Like I said that would be up-to Team Badr Hari.”

Hari’s return fight for GLORY will be on March 3, 2017 at the Ahoy Rotterdam with strong rumours circulating that heavyweight rival, Benjamin Adegbuyi is on the short-list of potential opponents along with, three-time K-1 champion, Remy Bonjasky; Enfusion two-weight champion, Luis Tavares; Patrice Quateron; Hesdy Gerges; and Daniel Ghita.

K1ANOOP will report again as the situation develops further.

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