Perseverance of a MMA Fighter: Ashleigh Grimshaw Documentary (Part 2)

Perseverance of a MMA Fighter: Ashleigh Grimshaw Documentary (Part 2) – After 16 years as a professional MMA Fighter, Ash Grimshaw was finally signed-up by Bellator MMA (in 2018). The British featherweight had been widely touted for a UFC call-up over the last 10 years which, surprisingly, never materialised for reasons unknown.

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This video is part two of the Ashleigh Grimshaw Documentary in which, Grimshaw’s perseverance over two decades as a Mixed Martial Artist, is fully explained and the noteworthy status he’s established for himself in British MMA.

Fighting out of Team Titan alongside close friend & UFC veteran, Brad Pickett, Grimshaw’s recollection of his trials and tribulations from his 16 years of fighting leaves no stone unturned.


Edited, filmed & interviewed by, Anoop Hothi – Instagram @anoophothi

Find Ashleigh Grimshaw on Instagram @whitewolfmma

Featuring/special thanks to: Tim Izli, Jude Samuel, Nathaniel Wood, Brad Pickett, Urban Kings Gym & Titan Fighter Gym.

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