The Future of British Muay Thai: George Jarvis Documentary (Part 3)

The Future of British Muay Thai: George Jarvis Documentary (Part 3) – In this concluding part of the series, 18 year old British Muay Thai fighter, George Jarvis looks ahead at the future of British Muay Thai talent (ranging from 18-25 years of age) and how the likes of: Jonathan Haggerty, Daniel McGowan, Evan Jays, Thai Barlow, Joe Craven (and many more) are already proving that they will be competing on the world stage of, Muay Thai and Kickboxing, over the coming decade (if not longer).

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This video is Part 3 of The George Jarvis Muay Thai Documentary series.


Edited, filmed & interviewed by, Anoop Hothi – Instagram @anoophothi

Find George Jarvis on Instagram @georgejarv1

Additional footage sourced via: Muay Thai Grand Prix, ROAR Combat League, Yokkao Boxing & John Jarvis.

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Why Enfusion Newcastle Fails To Match GLORY 54 Birmingham

K1ANOOP and British sports journalist, Andreas Georgiou, debate why Enfusion Newcastle fails to match GLORY 54 Birmingham as both global kickboxing promotions return to the UK after approximately, a 5 year hiatus. GLORY 54 will feature Rico Verhoeven vs Mladen Brestovac rematch and Jordan Watson and Iman Barlow will feature on the Enfusion Newcastle card in June 2018.

This clip is taken from a recent episode of, The K1ANOOP Show which, is a podcast about all things happening in Kickboxing and MMA; and provides an interesting perspective on niche combat sports from a UK perspective and much more.

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Enfusion Live 51 results: Iman Barlow wins 100th career fight against Ashley Nichols

Iman Barlow successfully defended her Enfusion Live championship on July 8, 2017 and won her 100th career fight against, Ashley Nichols via split-decision, in the main event of, Enfusion Live 51 in Canada.

In what was a busy five rounds of ‘kickass kickboxing’, both women cranked up the tempo in the fifth and final round in a very even match-up. Nichols the older by six years at 30 years of age, used her every bit of wit and experience to apply a strategic approach that kept Barlow’s high volume of kicking to a minimum for most of the fight which, has been a major challenge for past opponents.

The early rounds would see Nichols coming forward, eating low kicks and punching her way in to close the distance and making the “Pretty Killer” look a lot less dominant compared to, more recent title defences under the Enfusion banner.

According to Enfusion commentator Julie Kitchen, the defending champion had been recently ill leading up-to Enfusion Live 51. However, Barlow’s engine and effort levels didn’t falter under pressure throughout the fight, earning her a split decision victory on Canadian soil.

Props to Ashley Nichols for pushing the champion all the way and after such a close decision, it would be a shame to not see the Canadian fighting again as soon as possible under Enfusion rules (and not risk losing her to MMA).


Enfusion Live 51: Iman Barlow defeats Ashley Nichols | Image via http://www.k1anoop.com

Enfusion Live 51 – Results:

Iman Barlow [c] (UK) vs. Ashley Nichols (Canada) via split decision – 54kg world title defence

Ariel Abreu def. Thomas Dalziel via split decision – 80kg

Phanomsack Bounpaserth def. Bineaba Otoru by decision

Chris McMillan def. Kyle Nelson by Rd3 KO – 70kg

Joey George def. Mark McKinnon by Rd3 TKO – 85kg

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Iman Barlow vs. Ashley Nichols LIVE stream – How to watch Enfusion Live 51

Enfusion Live champion, Iman Barlow will defend her title against Canadian fighter, Ashely Nichols in the main event of, Enfusion Live 51 on July 8, 2017 at the Halifax Center, Nova Scotia.

How to watch Enfusion Live 51: Iman Barlow vs. Ashley Nichols LIVE online

Coverage of today’s Enfusion Live 51 title-fight and main card headlined by, Iman Barlow vs. Ashley Nichols, will be available to watch online by pay per view on, EnfusionLive.com and will commence from 01:00 hours UK time (BST) / 02:00 CEST / 21:00 hours ADT / 20:00 EDT.

BoxNation will be broadcasting Enfusion Live 51

Fight fans subscribed to BoxNation will be able to watch the main event from 01:00 BST / 02:00 CEST / 20:00 EST / 21:00 ADT on the following:

Sky: Channel 437; Channel 490 (HD)
TalkTalk Plus TV: Channel 415
BT: Channel 415; Channel 439 (HD)
Virgin Media: Channel 546

Enfusion Live 51 will be broadcasted on the Fight Network

North American TV broadcaster, Fight Network, will be broadcasting Enfusion Live 51 from 20:00 hours EST / 21:00 ADT / 01:00 BST / 02:00 CEST.

Enfusion Live 51 – Fight card:

Iman Barlow [c] (UK) vs. Ashley Nichols (Canada) – 54kg world title defence
Thomas Dalziel (Canada) vs. Ariel Abreu (USA) – 80kg
Mark MacKinnon (Canada) vs. Joey George (Canada) – 85kg
Justin Condie (Canada) vs. Matthew Kendell (Canada) – 75kg
Chris McMillan (Canada) vs. Kyle Nelson (Canada) – 70kg
Lenny Wheeler (Canada) vs. Desmond Johnson (Canada) – 60kg

Kickboxing Talents 35

The main card for Enfusion Live 51 will be preceded by, Kickboxing Talents 35 which, will commence from 22:45 BST / 23:45 CEST / 18:45 ADT / 17:45 EDT and is available to watch online, pay per view, on EnfusionLive.com

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Iman Barlow and Ben Hodge: Enfusion Live 51 and MTGP 9 | The K1Anoop Show

Ben Hodge and Iman Barlow join The K1Anoop Show ahead of their upcoming title-fights. Barlow will be defending her Enfusion Live championship against Canada’s Ashley Nichols at Enfusion Live 51 on July 8, 2017 and Hodge will be fighting Jake Purdy at, Muay Thai Grand Prix 9 on, July 15 in a much anticipated battle for, the MTGP world middleweight title.

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1:46 Do British fighters get the recognition they deserve in Muay Thai and Kickboxing?
4:58 Why Muay Thai isn’t “as big a global business” as Kickboxing.
9:56 Why “some Thaiboxers do struggle” with Kickboxing /K1 rules.
10:53 The UK’s love affair with Muay Thai and Thailand.
14:49 The hardship of fighting professionally, working full-time and having a family!
20:44 Iman Barlow’s 6 weeks fight camp for Ashley Nichols, Enfusion Live 51.
22:11 Why Ben Hodge had some time off since fighting Jordan Watson at Yokkao 20.
23:34 How Ben Hodge manages to train up-to six hours a day whilst working during fight camp.
31:36 Ashley NIchols, the multi-disciplined fighter.
34:36 Jake Purdy and UK Muay Thai rankings.
44:59 Respect in Muay Thai?

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Iman Barlow: “You have to do what you have to do, to win.”

Iman Barlow successfully defended her Lion Fight championship in dominant fashion against, Meryem Uslu at Lion Fight 34 last week. Prior to flying out to the USA, “Pretty Killer” had guested on the podcast and addressed criticism she had recently received after defending her, 55kg Enfusion world (kickboxing) title against, Ilsury Hendrikse at Enfusion Live 43.

Barlow confirmed that she will rematch Hendrikse on March 4, 2017 at the Assassins Promotions show: ‘A Night of Muay Thai’ in Melton Mowbray, England. However, it was very interesting to hear what Iman had to say about the transition from one rule-set to another; and the impact it has on her decision-making when fighting. As well as the challenges of being adaptable to different rules of combat whilst improving as a fighter and retaining her profile as one of the best female fighters in world kickboxing and Muay Thai.

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Lion Fight 34 – Full Fight: Iman Barlow vs. Meryem Uslu


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Photo credit: Assassins Muay Thai on Facebook


Lion Fight 34 – Full Fight: Iman Barlow vs. Meryem Uslu

Iman Barlow successfully defended her Lion Fight super-bantamweight title against, Meryem Uslu, at Lion Fight 34 on February 3, 2017. Watch the full fight below and click here for the full roundup and results from Lion Fight 34 too.

Lion Fight 34 – Full Fight: Iman Barlow vs. Meryem Uslu

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